Camden and Atlantic Railroad

Map of the Camden and Atlantic Railroad from the Rutger’s historical map collection (http://mapmaker.rutgers.edu/MAPS.html)

….In March 1852 a railroad charter was granted by the New Jersey legislature, and on July 1, 1854, the first train full of passengers arrived in Atlantic City. However, it wasn’t until May 1, 1855 that the city was officially incorporated–guests had begun arriving in Atlantic City before the city had officially existed! According to reports from the Trenton State Gazette, nine cars of about 600 men made the first journey. Arriving on the Atlantic shore at about noon, “a large number proceeded to indulge in a ‘dip’ in the old Ocean. After this party o the “celebration” had been gone through with, the party returned to the yet unfinished U.S. Hotel.”

According to notable economist and passenger, Henry C. Carey, the “successful completion and triumphant opening of the Camden and Atlantic Railroad” was “witnessed with highest satisfaction.” He predicted the railroad to bring great economic growth to not Absecon and Camden, but Philadelphia as well.

Picture 6

1895 Advertisement for the United States Hotel