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Hi everyone! I’ve re-emerged and this time it’s in the very green state of Connecticut. If you don’t believe me, there is a picture below…although that isn’t really a picture of Connecticut but New York. Fooled you! However, they are so close that nobody up here even cares–most people dart between them as if it is NBD (no big deal). I’ve already begun to partake in some of this darting myself and it’s caused me to become de-sensitized to state border crossings. In Texas, whenever a state border was crossed, it was a BD (big deal) as it meant long hours of car traveling had been completed.

One exciting thing about being here is that everything is OLD. Why, just on my way to the train station I encountered a house built in 17…er–the 18th century. Hopefully, this means lots and lots of new HistoryHodgePodge material. So, STAY TUNED diligent HistoryHodgePodge followers.



A rare breed!


Some local greenery.