Hotel Dennis circa 1905 from the Boardwalk. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

One of Atlantic City’s leading hotels at the close of the 19th century, the Hotel Dennis, located at the end of Michigan Avenue still stands today. In 1974 it was purchased by Bally, subsequently renovated, and is now the “Dennis Tower” in the Bally hotel complex. Below are a few of the hotel’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menus dating back to the turn of the century and some images of the hotel throughout its long lifespan.

LUNCH [held by] HOTEL DENNIS [... Digital ID: 470529. New York Public Library

1896 Lunch Menu. Courtesy of NYPL.

BREAKFAST [held by] HOTEL DENN... Digital ID: 466922. New York Public Library

1900 Easter Breakfast. Courtesy of NYPL.

DINNER [held by] HOTEL DENNIS ... Digital ID: 470530. New York Public Library

1896 Dinner Menu. Courtesy of NYPL.

Picture 10

An early incarnation of the Hotel Dennis as pictured in an advertisement from a Heston Handbook published in 1892. Courtesy of HathiTrust.

Hotel Dennis 1901

The Hotel Dennis circa 1900 before its seaward expansion. Courtesy of Library of Congress.


The hotel circa 1908 with additions to the right wing. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.


The Hotel Dennis as it exists today under Bally’s ownership. Courtesy of NJ.com.